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I am a Human Rights Activist at my Core. Recognizing the divine god given rights we have can be empowering. Knowledge is power. Experience is Power. Women deserve the right to have choices in their community to Birth How and where they want to birth. Simple rights over their own bodies, if anyone compromises those rights; we as women need to stand up and be heard.

I delivered Naturally at home both of my Sons with zero complications and the ultimate trust I could manifest to honor and respect the natural rythms and flow of my body. Such sweet , blissful satisfaction to enter motherhood feeling powerful, humbled by gods grace and grateful for your Beautiful child in your arms that you created and released.

Women should embrace choice as it is the most precious gift of all.

Educate. Empower. working with Birth Professionals with Pregnancy , labor, postnatal moms is the greatest gift

DIY Labor Acupressure Guide


Check out this complimentary  self  help Acupressure for Pregnancy &  labor Support

Copyrights By: DEBRA BETT’S  NZ Reg. Nurse, Lic Acupuncture British College,

Dip Ac, BHSc ( Acupuncture)

Pediatric Resources

Pediatric Resources:

Acupuncture and Chiropractic are perfect compliments to each other for supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  They are both beneficial during the Prenatal- Postnatal process,management of morning sickness, postpartum depression,breech, low back pain, sciatica and much more. Acupuncture can help Stimulate Lactation, reduce stress response and promote whole body healing. Chiropractic can help keep your body in alignment and reduce intrauterine  constraint. Also After giving Birth receiving a Chiropractic assessment for both you and your baby can be very helpful.

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“Peace on Earth Begins with Birth”

So Grateful and thankful for all my current life Experiences!
Grateful for access to organic food remembering the resilience and health vitality I have felt with raw organic food and delicious healthy lifestyle changes. Raising our current standards feels good. Ex resizing feels good!
My sweet wholesome desire for change, Desires to be closer to the Earth, desire to garden and be involved in beautiful projects. Visualizing Peace on earth begins with birth, resonating with the movement of choice, representing, invoking respect always for woman’s rights to choose .
Informing and educating the public on the benefits of
holistic lifestyle choices. Releasing the old and invoking all good that is co ing to me. I am releasing and letting go of excess weight and seeing it all melt away. Detoxing all that does not serve my highest purpose. Trusting the beautiful ebb & flow of my life.

Becky Maher LAc



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